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Spirala Inzeniring d.o.o. was founded in 1989 as a family business. Company produces spirally wound cardboard packaging of all demanding classes. Our continuous investment in technology development has resulted in quality products we offer you today.
Our spirally tubes can be used for textile, paper, foil, food, construction industry and many more. All our programs have one thing in common: in cooperation with our customers, we define the demanding parameters of the article, which we then deliver over and over in the same, controlled quality.
The quality of our products is constantly monitored. All cardboard tubes – both simple and highly demanding – are manufactured using best technological procedures that ensure optimum results when used later. A processor-controlled dryer is part of the production process, which always guarantees the same quality.
Our basic moto is: do not waste time with things that are completely manageable and unproblematic with the right approach.
Our products come to you professionally and reliably. Always the same. Our customers know this.
Sincerely, Spirala Inženiring collective!


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